Sky rocket connect :

With an extensive global network of contacts, clients and suppliers across many industries we provide a “match making” services for a variety of situations involving people, products and services.

With our experience in both the corporate and broadcast sectors we can align television content with corporate sponsors. We can help new programmes break in to new territories by either selling it directly or making the right introductions to the appropriate people. For businesses that we are working with we can source the right people for specific roles, even train them for you so they can continue with the work we have been doing.

If you are looking for a particular service or supplier, we can interrogate our database to find companies providing appropriate quality services. Or if you are a charity looking for support from a company that wants to take a more pro-active position in corporate social responsibility, then we can help.

Whatever it is you want to “connect”, talk to us first. You may be surprised at who and what we know!

Sky Rocket Connect

Sparking connections
the world over.