Sky Rocket Consulting : Nuturing business development opportunities

We aim to put sales at the heart of every organisation. Gone are the days when a company can grow or flourish on reputation alone.

With the increased competitiveness in the global marketplace, companies need to adopt a proactive stance that fully embraces all elements of business development from internal issues such as business structure, product or service development, operating procedures and staff development, to externally focussed activities such as target market identification, brand awareness and sales and marketing campaigns.

Pressures and limitations

At Sky Rocket Media we fully understand the pressures and limitations that are placed on human and financial resources, especially within the SME environment. After all, it’s hard enough managing the day to day running of a businesses, let alone being able to stand back to look at the big picture to better understand where improvements in efficiency and effectiveness can be gained.

Broad range of services

We offer a broad range of services including fixed term business development, “retainer” based consultancy or advice, and specific project or campaign management (including conception and implementation). We are happy to manage existing teams, recruit and train a team, or do the work in-house. The solution is always designed to meet and exceed a client’s expectation.

We operate on an evidence informed basis, making sure that all the advice, information and practical support we provide is focussed and relevant to your specific company and sector. We create an accountable process where achievements can be effectively monitored and appraised, appropriate action taken, and success measured.

Working with Sky Rocket Consulting

So what can you expect when working with Sky Rocket Consulting? Well, the first thing that you will notice is that we listen. Our team of carefully selected consultants spend time really getting to understand where you are now, how you got there and where you aspire to be. Only when we get the full picture will we apply our methodology, making sure it is tailored specifically to the job in hand. We operate on the basis of a simple business acronym of MAP (Monitor, Analyse, and Plan). It’s straightforward, logical, and proven to be successful, but without the resources or knowledge to effectively implement this strategy, how do you know which strategies or processes to use? What are your decisions based on? How do you recognise if a strategy isn’t working and you need to change your plan? Introduce a level of creativity and forward thinking in to the mix, and suddenly the world really does become your oyster.

To find out how our methodology can be applied specifically to your organisation or to request further information, please get in touch...

Sky Rocket Consulting

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