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We can deliver almost any type of event to meet your requirements and match your budget.

With years of experience working on a vast range of projects from live concerts and music festivals to corporate seminars, trades shows and charity events, we can deliver almost any type of event to meet your requirements and match your budget.

Providing a cutting edge and impactful event

Our team and suppliers all have a fine pedigree in the entertainments industry with skills covering production management, graphic and stage design, broadcast media and live event production.  As a new innovative company, Sky Rocket Media draws in the very best of talent in each and every department to ensure that we provide a cutting edge, creative, well managed and impactful event.

Understanding expectations and aspirations

At the start of any potential project, we make sure that we spend time listening to clients. By clearly understanding expectations and aspirations we can conceptualise a truly unique event designed to meet all targets. During the planning and pre- production stage, you will be working with a team that has consistently delivered exceptional results, and once the event is over we can create follow-on campaigns, including merchandising, loyalty schemes and special promotions.

The BIG picture strategy

As part of Sky Rocket Media’s ”Big Picture” strategy, we actively seek opportunities to work with charities to create events that serve both as significant fundraising opportunities and as effective awareness campaigns. We have built up strong relationships with suppliers and corporate sponsors alike to ensure that the impact of any event is fully maximised.

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